Survival Guide To Spend 24/7 With Your Partner This Circuit Breaker

Survival Guide To Spend 24/7 With Your Partner This Circuit Breaker

Spending 24/7 with your partner? Here’s how to survive.

For those of us lucky enough to be together with our significant other during this period, count your lucky stars and be grateful. There are so many other couples out there that have to treat this extended circuit breaker period as a virtual LDR (long-distance relationship), and jumping on Zoom calls and Netflix Parties can only do so much for now.

But with that, we understand that it might also be tough to be around your partner 24/7.

Before this, we wake up beside our partner, spend the day apart and then snuggle back up into each other’s warm embrace at the end of the day. Now? We both breathe the same air, step on the same tiles and share the same space. And it’ll be this way for the next month at least.

Here are some tips to help you cope with being around your partner all day, every day.

Communication, as always, is key. Especially now.

With the current pandemic going on right now and the job market and economy at risk, it’s understandable that everyone might be a little on the edge. Even a tiny inconvenience might blow up into a huge argument.

In such times of uncertainty, relationship tension is escalated. And so before it reaches the boiling point, why not blow off some steam and talk things out? What we were able to tolerate before – our partner’s idiosyncrasies, dishes left unwashed, laundry not done – we now might need to talk about.

So we might want to set aside some time to talk things out with our partner – it could be some daily downtime in the evening when the workday is over – and speak your mind.

Balancing “I” and “We”

In the same vein, we also ought to set aside some time for ourselves. We spend the whole day with our partner, and sometimes we just need a moment apart for ourselves.

If you’re the structured type, discuss it with your partner and decide on the time of day for that allocated alone time. Or if you’re more spontaneous, just do it when you feel the need to!

Mentally, this alone time will help us recharge for the day to come. It’s refreshing, and can even make us better partners.

Be considerate towards one another

This could go without saying, but it’s a timely reminder nonetheless. During this period, we need to be more empathetic towards our partners. Especially because we’re so used to being with their “home self” and not their “work self”, which surprisingly, could be two very different people.

Your partner could be a “let’s circle back”, or even a “As per my last email…” kind of person and you’d never know!

Apart from differing email habits, what one partner is experiencing at work will definitely be different from the other. You and your partner might be on the same page in life, but it might not be the case in their career.

So be more understanding when it comes to your partner facing problems with work, and give each other some extra space to work things out on their own!

Arrange for your own days off to schedule date night!

Just because you’re spending 24/7 together, doesn’t mean you’re spending quality time together. Our work schedules now might be getting busier. But it’s important that we block off some time in the week for a date night.
It could be as simple as bingeing on a Netflix series while junking out on some ice cream, or even putting together a puzzle, just the two of you.

Or, if you fancy, why not cook up a storm in your kitchen? It’ll be a good time to get up and do something together, and it would be a great start to a romantic evening as well!

Check out @luxmondi or @loveandbravery on Instagram for an idea on how to do a stay-at-home date night.

And finally, don’t forget to say goodnight to your partner, every night. While we can’t go around hugging our family and friends right now, at least we can hold our partner to sleep. No matter how exhausted we are, we should always end the day on a positive note. A kiss or a hug each night can go a long way!