Hope for Pearl

Our commitment towards equalising education for children is not bound to the shores of Singapore. Hope for Pearl is Worldwide Chinese Life Insurance Philanthropy Promotion Committee’s initiative that AAG supports through AACares.


In our third year running, AAG has sponsored the living and school expenses for 50 high school students (also known as “Pearls”)  from impoverished parts of China. Part of our commitment to them is also to visit these students every year and continuously motivate them throughout their learning journey.

These students eventually move on to top universities in China and graduate into pillars of society. To date, we have students who will be further pursuing their studies to become teachers and doctors. This is how they have scripted their life’s journey and how we aim to make the lives of our fellow men better.

Hear From Our Participants

This is my fourth year with the “Hope for Pearl” Project. The first three years we sponsored classes solely at Guizhou, China. This year we expanded to Yunnan, China. Both are among the poorest provinces in China. Many of the students are shy, and they take a while to warm up to outsiders. Their only goal in this school is to study hard for good grades so that they can enter the top universities in China for better prospects in life. These students (who may end up in factories or construction sites because their families’ inability to support them for further studies) are given a fighting chance for a better future. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to support these students and their dreams.


Jiang Ying, Executive Financial Consultant

This was my first time participating in this project. Before I joined AAG, I have already seen the Hope for Pearl Project video several times and there is always no absence of tears. The feelings I’ve felt while watching the video were amplified multiple folds during this trip. From meeting the students, to spending time with them, it is simply a great honour to observe and learn from their spirit. I really hope that in the years to come, I can bring more people with me on this trip to share this experience with me.


Niki Lee

Project Started

DD / MM / YY

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