How to Live 3 Lives Through 1 Ey3

How to Live 3 Lives Through 1 Ey3

Written By: Matthew Chew

Have you ever tried to assemble a cabinet without a manual? Has the thought even crossed your mind?

I would not say it is impossible, but you probably would have a really rough time figuring it out. You would take a much longer time than necessary. You might also end up hurting yourself in the process.

So, the question is, is there a better way? Duh, of course, there is. Read the manual!

This principle applies to many aspects of life too. Leadership, sales, technical skills, marriage, mindset… There are ‘manuals’ out there, and to me, the life experiences of others are my manuals.

When I was a young manager, I used to find it difficult to communicate with people who are not like me. Perhaps I was not as mature as I thought, but I hated having to explain myself differently with every person.

Then again, that is the most basic form of communication, isn’t it? Communication is not what you say, but what the recipient understands and interprets.

I got this piece of advice from a book, and I got the advice to read a book, from a mentor of mine. In fact, I was told to read three books on the topic of people management.

In the last 30 seconds, you have been reading into my mind. And that’s what it’s like reading books!

You are seeing the world through the eyes of another person. You are re-living their experience on the particular subject that you sought out.

So, by reading three books, you have basically walked through the lives of three different people, with your own eyes.

Like the Graeae sisters of Greek mythology, having this ‘vision’ would guide you on your quests, armed with the knowledge that you need to defeat your foes.

What should you do?

If you are struggling with something at work, the answer may be plain and simple.

Read up!

Most people might say, “where got time?”

Either you take time to find out what the problem is and how to fix it, or you are going to keep having that problem.

Realistically, you just need to find one idea from each book to implement. Just one!

Here’s a trick if you really got no time. Skip to the content page. Usually, you would be able to tell which part of the book is useful for you.