3 Wallet-Friendly (but yet Romantic) Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2020

3 Wallet-Friendly (but yet Romantic) Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2020

Valentines’ Day is around the corner – still frantic and googling what restaurants are left available for your date on Friday? Valentines’ Day is everyone’s perfect excuse to be extra sweet and extra affectionate to a significant other. So how do we express ourselves on this special day while making sure that we do not empty our bank account for this joyous occasion? Out of the numerous ideas and options available, we have analysed the cost-benefit trade-off and have narrowed it down to these 3 choices:

1. Go for a couple massage

Had an exhausting month working overtime at the workplace and experiencing backaches and a stiff neck? Head down to Spa Infinity to experience their signature couple massage & Spa experience @ only $96. Unwind from the hustle and bustle now while keeping your partner, yourself and your wallet happy!

2. Make your own DIY furniture together.

If you fancy a sweat and to have a tick off your bucket list, start building your dream home by going for a furniture-making class! Tombalek is Singapore’s leading workshop and woodworking education provider. Classes available range from making our own chopsticks to making our own Kadut Drawers – imagine the satisfaction of using a drawer you’ve made yourselves! You might even discover a special skill of yours while creating an absolutely unique work of art.

3. Have a romantic picnic set up at scenic spots in Singapore

Looking to have a romantic dinner without boundaries? Avoid those queues at restaurants and have a romantic picnic close to nature at either Marina Barrage, Singapore Botanic Gardens, MacRitchie Reservoir and Chinese Gardens for a twist to your usual Valentine’s Day. Be sure to hit Picneeds up @ https://www.instagram.com/picneeds/?hl=en for effortless, Instagram-worthy picnic setups that your partner will absolutely love! They’ll even pack up everything once the night has ended for you.

Happy Valentines’ Day. You know what they say – happy wife, happy life!